SEE Reduces the Rate 

Now there's a way to reduce the risk of infections, keep the patients environment clear of unneeded staff, and most importantly improve accuracy of success while performing important and sensitive medical procedures on the human body. 

The SEE light is disposable and is meant to be discarded after each use. This way health care professionals go into every procedure feeling  confident that they are using sterile and safe tools.

The SEE light adds an element of safety to every use because of the reduced risk of infection and the reduced risk of liability for the practitioner.

of Nosocomial Infection

Before the SEE light, fellow nurses needed to assist with the lighting or other aspect of procedures because of visibility struggles. This kind of attention to the patient at such a vulnerable time was not ideal. And the added anxiety by the patient put more stress on you to manage while also needing to be cognitively available to complete invasive task. Now that's changed. With SEE, you'll have confidence to preform invasive procedures as intended, because there's never any risk of dropping a pen light or losing visibility in hard to see places. 

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Reduces the Need for More Staff
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The SEE light illuminates areas of the human body where medical interventions need to occur with accuracy. Placing tubes in a variety of orifices requires illumination of the area in which the patient remains comfortable and free from anxiety and stress throughout the entire procedure.

The SEE light is easy and accessible. Once you start using SEE you will never go back to the pen light because the number of nosocomial infections will be reduced, providing improved medical outcomes.

The light emitting diode (LED) apparatus incorporates into medical instruments namely, LED apparatus with snaps, and has an adhesive back pad that can be specially adapted to any medical situation or environment. 

The SEE light is convenient, and portable for any application.

improves visibility in hard to see places for invasive medical procedures.






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Learn everything about the SEE Light in this four page downloadable brochure. From in-home health care to the US military, this revolutionary light is becoming recognized as the most relevant product to solves challenges that arise everyday for nurses and hospitals all around the world.  


The brightness of the SEE Light will provide the necessary accuracy for all health care professionals while promoting health, wellness and an improved life for all mankind here and abroad.

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Our Vision

 Providing the SEE Light during any treatment will provide the illumination needed to provide comfort and safety. Thus preventing the unnecessary infections to the patient. Striving for the illumination of the minimization plaguing patients in all healthcare environments here and abroad.


95% of nurses participating in beta testing stopped using their common pen light and immediately switch to using the SEE Light.

100% of nurses participating in beta testing reported that they could perform invasive procedures without assistance, because of the SEE light.

Your Peers Are Switching to The SEE Light

Using the SEE Light for invasive procedures is the best way to help reduce cost, infections and maintain patient privacy.

Tanya Vaughn, RN, MSN, MHA

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